Why don’t people do what they like?

As a graduating senior, I would like to provide two explanations for this answer, based on my experience so far.

Anya Vaverko posted a status on Facebook “This is what makes sense, no? Why does doing what you love get frowned upon? Why does everyone want everyone to work in a bank or office or something? What’s the POINT?” with a link to a website with a Youtube video titled “What if money didn’t matter”. Here is my response to that:

  1. I keep on getting asked: what are your plans after you graduate? Do you have a job somewhere yet? Applying for jobs? Graduate school? Those are the only questions that I get asked, except for one time when the college handyman (who is a cool guy) asked me “Do you want to start your own business?” The problem with this is most people can only think that the potential options are either getting a full-time job or going to graduate school. What about those people who want to start their own business, which is what I am going to do? On top of that, the pressure from peers and family with advice that revolves around the theme of “at least secure a job before you start thinking about starting a business”. Well, when I work on my job application half-heartedly, how do you expect me to find a job in the first place?
  2. Most people like to play it safe, straight and simple. Even though they might talk about what they would do if money was not a concern, you have to remember that we are still competing for access to resources. I mean that is what human beings primarily are (reading Richard Dawkins might be helpful to understand this point better). There are few of us who are willing to take a risk, and many of us fail at the first try. Only those who keep on trying will succeed at doing what they really want to do.

These might not be the most encouraging answers, but that is what I think.


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