Why I like Senator John Cornyn’s letter to Eric Holder

I am reading comments regarding how Cornyn is trying to make himself look good by taking the opportunity of the “mistake” by the Attorney General’s office. Other comments talk about how Cornyn is not a supporter of freedom of information and that Cornyn’s action should not be supported as it is purely opportunistic. Here is what I think: No other senator no matter how big of a supporter they might be of freedom of information, have written to the Attorney General regarding the case against Aaron Swartz. Senator, thank you for the letter, no matter how opportunistic it might have been.

The question here is not whether Cornyn is a good or a bad man. The question is also not what Cornyn’s positions on freedom of information is i.e. net neutrality. We needed legislators to be taking more proactive role in this matter and with this letter, the senator has started more conversation at a higher level demanding answers. Maybe Aaron thought that the only way to have these conversations get started at legislative level was to take his own life. Let us at least try to be positive and help in whatever capacity we can to add more fuel the conversation rather  than start criticizing others.


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