A very different approach to teaching history

I took the first part of History core requirement the first semester of my freshmen year. The professor was so easy that I saved him for my last semester at college, even though I did not learn much in that class. When it was time to register for the second part with him, I found out he was not teaching at all and had to scramble for a last minute registration!

The professor that I now have (Michael Degruccio) is one of the best I have encountered. His method of teaching history is not to teach us how to regurgitate facts, but rather teach the method of learning history. I had never heard of something like that before! I thought that history was always about learning what happened in the past and for some people, using that knowledge to learn how we got to the present. My professor has a completely different approach where he understands that there are severe limitations of teaching everything from the Scientific Revolution to the modern era in a semester. Thus, he is making us look at some of the most important events during this time period, look at different primary sources which provide insight into different aspects of that event, discuss that in the class and leave the rest up to the individual to decide what they conclude. I had never heard of an approach like that before and this makes my history class very interesting. Kudos to the professor!


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