Announcing “Conversations with Ayush”

I am excited to announce that I am starting a series of conversations with alumni of Budhanilkantha School, my alma mater. I will be talking to people who are either in a leadership position with the organization they are part of or are entrepreneurial. I am starting with Sneedha Mainali, the current President of SEBS – the alumni organization of BNKS. The series will be published every two weeks on Sunday 5 PM EST, starting this week. It will also be published by the Journalism Club at the school so that the students get to read it too. My intent with this series is to appreciate the work done by our alumni and inspire the rest of us to do more; especially the current students to dream big. I already have a list of nine people that I will be talking to. If you have any suggestions for me, those would be welcome. You can reach me through email: ayushneupane at gmail dot com or on twitter: @AyushNeupane.


One thought on “Announcing “Conversations with Ayush”

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